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Ask Yourself

* Is living in a Blended Family or a Stepfamily “more than you bargained for?”

* Does step parenting feel like the most challenging and thankless job of all?

* Is the tension and conflict taking its toll on your relationships

* Are you becoming worried about your children and their well-being?

* Are you constantly arguing with your partner about the kids, discipline and parenting in general?

• Is your ex or your partner's ex causing real problems in your blended family and in your relationship

• Are you at the end of your rope and need some answers NOW

* Are you considering entering into a Blended Family or Stepfamily and want to be prepared?

In Person Counselling

We offer In-Person Counseling and Coaching for individuals, couples and families who live in the immediate area and also for those willing to travel to do a full or half day session. While phone coaching and counseling has become most popular, whenever possible, it is optimum to also be able to meet in person and do some of the work together. Many of my clients combine in-person work with phone work. We experience the benefits of meeting in-person and establishing rapport that way, and then continue with the work through phone sessions which has definite advantages because it is more accessible and requires less of a time investment for busy individuals and couples.

If you live within driving distance but choose to do a half or full day session at our home office in Tottenham, we have several overnight accommodations to refer you to for a pleasant stay. Please CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE ACCOMODATIONS IN THE AREA…


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