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Ask Yourself

* Is living in a Blended Family or a Stepfamily “more than you bargained for?”

* Does step parenting feel like the most challenging and thankless job of all?

* Is the tension and conflict taking its toll on your relationships

* Are you becoming worried about your children and their well-being?

* Are you constantly arguing with your partner about the kids, discipline and parenting in general?

• Is your ex or your partner's ex causing real problems in your blended family and in your relationship

• Are you at the end of your rope and need some answers NOW

* Are you considering entering into a Blended Family or Stepfamily and want to be prepared?

Education for Stepfamilies and Blended Families

INFORMATION for anyone interested in learning more about stepfamilies or blended families. Seminars for the public, and groups or organizations who express an interest in the issues.

Library: Books, articles and video-audio tapes available.

AWARENESS WORKSHOPS to introduce couples to step parenting, what to expect/not to expect, how to prepare yourself and how we can help.


  1. Couples anticipating life in a new stepfamily or blended family.
  2. Couples in the midst of raising a stepfamily.
  3. Women in a step relationship who don’t have children of their own.
  4. Men in a step relationship who don’t have children of their own
  5. Children and teens that already are, or are going to be living in a stepfamily or blended family.
  6. Singles, Single Parents and Couples who are Step Dating with Children in the mix.

INTENSIVE COURSES FOR FAMILY MEMBERS about the dynamics of living in a stepfamily or blended family, and the tools and strategies for addressing these.



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